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Golden Doodle
Purchase Questionnaire
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Golden Doodle Purchase Questionnaire

Doodle Purchase Questionnaire
Cimarron Frontier Doodles

Name: __________________________________
Address: _________________________________
Phone: __________________________________
Email: ___________________________________
Date of Application: ________________________

1. Why have you decided to adopt a Double Doodle (Golden-Doodles/Labradoodle) or Golden Doodle? 
2. Do you currently own a dog? 
3. What other breeds of dogs have you owned in the past? 
4. Do you have a preference for a male or female? 
5. Would you be happy with a puppy of the other sex? 
6. Have you had the pleasure of house training a puppy before? 
7. When are you hoping to have a puppy? 
8. What colors are you interested in? 
9. What type of Coat are you interested in? Curly, wavy, short, long, wavy curls? Doodles need to be brushed regularly and groomed every few months. 
10. What size dog are you interested in? 
11. Are you aware that a puppy will follow you around and jump on you and your children, and nibble on your hands and probably on your children’s hands? 
13. Have you had any problems with previous dogs? Will you agree to read available puppy training books and study videos in preparation for your new puppy? 
14. Are all the members of your household interested in getting a puppy? 
15. Do any members of your household have any allergies to dogs? 
16. Please tell us something about your family. 
17. Do you have a fenced yard? If not, do you have a plan for containment? 
18. Are you aware that puppies need to be fed 3 times a day? They also need to be crated when you are not home and given chew toys to satisfy their desire to chew everything in your house.
19. Will your puppy be a house dog with access to the outdoors? 
20. Are you willing to take the time to house-train and obedience-train your puppy? 
21. Are you aware the puppies need to be taken outside in the middle of the night if they need to potty? 
22. Will you have this dog Spayed or Neutered? (I recommend waiting until 8-12 months of age due to the health risks associated with early neutering, i.e. hip dysplasia and bone cancer) 
23. Will you be able to pick up the puppy in person, or do you live too far to drive? 
24. Are you willing and able to invest $1250 for the purchase of a Doodle Puppy for your family? 
25. Do you understand that, even though I try to provide you with a puppy that is as healthy as possible, no puppy is perfect and may have faults which are not planned?

All our lines are x-rayed and certified through veterinarians, canine genetic health DNA and OFA certification. Such things as umbilical hernia, overbite, underbite, etc. things only God can control. I do apologize and will discount faults accordingly. All puppies are guaranteed for genetic health for 2 years. 

26. How did you hear about Cimarron Frontier Doodles? 
27. Do you have any additional thoughts, questions, or comments? 

Thank you for answering these personal questions, it helps us to get to know you and to know what you expect from your puppy! We do not ask for deposits to hold a puppy until a puppy is available for you. Being on the waiting list does not guarantee a puppy for you. Until the puppies are born we will not know how many puppies to plan for, thus how many people to reserve a puppy for.

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