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Cimarron Frontier Doodles

In Loving Memory

In 2007, we lost our house to a fire. To our immense sadness, Wiggle, Charm, Tiggy Winks, Baby Jill, and Wren passed away in the fire. This page is a commemoration to the memory of these beautiful, loving souls.
You will never be forgotten.


The BEST retriever ever! She was so much like a family member. How can a dog display so much love? More even than many humans. Wiggle is pictured here, loving her grand babies.


One time a friend came over to visit and Charm softly climbed up onto his lap, lay on her back and gently patted his cheek . He was astonished with her depth of charm and said, " I feel like we're engaged". We miss you so much Charm.

Tiggy Winks

Tiggy Winks (Pictured), Baby Jill, and Wren all passed away in the fire. Each of them had already begun growing in to such sweet, loving, obedient dogs. All of them are so, so loved and dearly missed.

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