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March 2020 Litter - No Longer Available

Your interest is greatly appreciated. These puppies are no longer available.

I am located in Stillwater, OK.
Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies Available.

Our most recent litter was a litter of 5bb petite Miniature Goldendoodle puppies.

These puppies are no longer available for sale.

These puppies are Descendants of my Foundation stock from 2001.

Liebschen (OFA) and Jacques (OFA) had Bunny.

Bunny(OFA hips, eyes, heart) and Harley (OFAhips) had Wiggle.

Wiggle (CERF) and Opus (OFA, GENETIC TESTING) had Pinkie .

Pinkie (CERF, hips certified) and Ambrosias (OFA) had Gracie.

Gracie and Wally(OFA, GENETIC TESTING) had Muffy.

Muffy(GENETIC TESTING) and Teddy (GENETIC TESTING) produced this litter born January 1, 2020

OFA, CERF, and Genetic Health testing done on most generations.

I am expecting them to be very low shedding.

They were born New Years Day 2020.

There are 4 girls and 2 boys. 2 boys are available. Billy and Roy.

These puppies should grow from 10 pounds to 15 pounds.

They will be available starting the last weekend of February.

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